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August 21, 2020 Celebrity

Motor České Budějovice quarantined after player tests positive for COVID-19

Motor České Budějovice quarantined after player tests positive for COVID-19 - Czech Points

The hockey players of Motor České Budějovice must quarantine for a second time because a player tested positive for COVID-19. However, the team will, in agreement with the regional hygiene station representatives, continue training.

“Unfortunately, another case of COVID-19 disease appeared in the České Budějovice Motor team, when one of the players tested positive. The entire team, including the coaches, must enter the quarantine,” said representatives of the South Bohemian club on the official website.

Motor České Budějovice must all be quarantined, even though the chairman of the National Sports Agency, Milan Hnilička, announced on Monday that he had agreed at the Government Council for Health Risks that area quarantine for entire sports teams would be abolished due to one coronavirus case.

“Why did this happen is a question you have to ask them (the management of the Regional Hygiene Station of the South Bohemian Region). I don’t know. I read newspapers adequately, watch TV and live in the fact that when there is a quarantine, it is ten days “The lady from epidemiology has misled me. It is said that it is being talked about. Still, they have the only regulation from the Ministry of Health, and that is that the quarantine is fortnightly,” Stanislav Bednařík, General Manager of Motor, said.

Similarly, the extra-league rookie management turned out when he wanted to use examples from the football environment in the negotiations. Slavia or Plzeň will enter the competition even though they had a positively tested player in the staff. After the negative tests of other team members, they continued training.

Due to the same problem, Motor České Budějovice suspended preparations on July 24, when one of the team members also had a positive test for COVID-19. The team was then quarantined for two weeks.

The engine, which played the match of the Generali Česká pojišťovna Cup in Pilsen on Thursday, but which the positively tested player did not intervene in, will not play any preseason matches now. But he can train.

“We have agreed on the regime that the players are at home, and they will drive the car in face masks for training, walk through a separate entrance to the part of the Budvar arena where we have facilities, and they will train and go home,” Bednařík added.