About Czech Points

Most media covering the Czech Republic – especially in English — is too often a derivative scam, something far away from what people who live here know and live every day..

A group of expat and local journalists got together to create Czech Points to say what we couldn’t say on other platforms. To destroy myths, to sacrifice all sacred lambs, and to take on some of the country’s longest standing myths and counterfactual realities. The Czech Republic often appears to make sense, until you look closer and find out that nothing is logical or right or rational – we tend to operate in that space in between the two, but also with tons of scandals, political sex stories, and fiascos thrown in between.

Media is a tough business. But it is a business, not a right, or charity or hobby. You distinguish yourself by delivering at a very high level on promises you make to news consumers, advertisers and subscribers. We believe life is simple: If we think big, deliver on our big promises, and show authentic appreciation for those who read and support us, we will be successful. So, thank you for reading this.