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July 10, 2020 Celebrity

Klara Spilkova is looking forward to competing again

Klara Spilkova is looking forward to competing again - Czech Points

Klára Spilková departed for the United States today to play in the LPGA after spending the last four months at home in the Czech Republic.

The LPGA season suspended since mid-February is set to return with the Drive On Championship, which will be played without fans in attendance on July 31 in Toledo, Ohio.

“I’m looking forward to it, but at the same time, I’m curious how it will be with travel because no one knows much. And I’m not looking forward to testing on COVID, but we’ll have to do it so we can play. They will test us before every tournament, which will be almost every week, “said Spilková.

Spilkova took the forced leave positively. “We have long and demanding seasons, and I have been playing professionally for ten years now,” said the 25-year-old golfer.

She returned home from the USA on March 15 and has been training and golfing since courses reopened in April. “I used to play a lot with my friends, and I just enjoyed golf. It was a nice feeling, which I then tried to transfer to training,” said Spilková, coached by Gregg Lavoie, an American living in Prague, since June.

“I think I’m going the right way. I’ve rested, and I feel good. I’m looking forward to it,” said Spilková, who was also involved in the charity project. Let’s Play and Help. She also used her time to discover the beauties of the Czech Republic. “I visited the Giant Mountains, the Ore Mountains, Kutná Hora, or Pálava,” she said.

Upon arrival in the United States, where she lives and trains in Sarasota, Florida, she will have to quarantine. “Which means we have to keep our distance from people, but I can train. I don’t have to be locked up at home for fourteen days.”

In tournaments, only a caddy can accompany a player, which will not be significantly different for Spilková. “I usually had it the same way before, but sometimes I needed a partner, a coach, or my parents,” she said. After the tournament in Ohio, she should play almost every week until December. “They want us to play at least half of the season,” she added.

Spilková started the season very well. The winner of the 2017 LET circuit came in eighth at the end of January in Boca Raton and is 26th in the financial ranking for the year.