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October 21, 2019 Celebrity

Jaromír Jágr is still scoring at 47!

Jaromír Jágr is still scoring at 47! - Czech Points

The party was full of beautiful women, and the alcohol flowed! It was the birthday celebration of the most famous Czech DJ, Uwa. The only one who managed to get clean water at One Club in Prague was hockey star Jaromír Jágr. “Uwa invited me, so I came. He is a buddy, a fan of Kladno, he goes to matches, he knows the boys from us, he comes to our cabin…” admitted the reason for his visit to the owner of the ice hockey Kladno. However, a few of his teammates (and de facto employees) arrived with him. “It was also the last chance to go somewhere before the season. We are on the ice again on Monday,” Jagr revealed.

He was the most enthusiastic guest at a party that beautiful women and girls were spinning around, but he kept his cool. “They are thirty years younger! What would I do with them?” He explained to Sunday Lightning, and to all possible suitors who would like to see their chance in the recent break-up of his relationship with Veronika Kopřivová: “I’m definitely not looking for anybody now…”

He was one of the last ones to leave in the morning. He vainly looked for a taxi in the center of Prague to take him home to Kladno. He solved it with the audacity with which he always overcame the world’s best defenses. “I begged a lady who came by uber to see if I could go with them and then continue to Kladno,” Jagr described a situation that might look like a lady from a club he was taking home. Instead of night fun, he claims it was just an innocent car ride with a lady who did not attend the well-known DJ’s party! “But I paid for the uber!” Swore Jagr.