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October 6, 2018 Europe

Did Marián Kočner order journalist Jan Kuciak's murder?

Did Marián Kočner order journalist Jan Kuciak's murder? - Czech Points

The murder of Ján Kuciak and his fiancé Martina Kušnírová was ordered by Marián Kočner, according to one of the four accused murderers. Who is the notorious businessman and what links him to the murdered journalist?

Zoltán A., one of the four accused of the execution of Jana Kuciak and his fiancé Martina Kušnířová, said that the murder of an investigative journalist was ordered by the infamous businessman Marián Kočner. According to, Kuciak wrote about Kočner more than twenty articles and even opened the old case of Technopol. In the 1990s, a controversial entrepreneur was charged with President Michal Kovac’s son from participating in financial fraud at Technopol, worth $2.3 million. However, he avoided punishment, and hereceived a pardon from President Kovac and in 2000 the case was dropped. However, seven years later the case was reopened and reiterated by Kuciak himself, who found the connection between the company and Kočner’s people. The businessman even started to threaten Kuciak.”I will begin to pay special attention to you and your person, your mother, your father and your siblings,” Kočner allegedly wrote to the murdered journalist. Kuciak, according to, filed a criminal complaint against the businessman, but it took 44 days for the police to begin to review the complaint.

But that was not the only case in which Kočner’s name was mentioned. Kocner, however, has been friends with politicians for years, and was almost untouchable. With Bella Bugar, he met in exotic Maldives, with Robert Fic, who resigned after Kuciak’s murder, was his neighbor, and Juraj Droba bought an apartment from him. His name was framed in the Gamatex case, Kia, Glance House, SaSanka, and Five Star Residence, but each one of them was a miraculous glimpse of the last one … The last case he was involved in was the cause of the bills. Kocner was accused, together with former director and ex-husband of the economy, Pavol Rusko of faking counterfeits worth 69 million euros, which is CZK 1.8 billion. At the end of June, he was taken into custody and was transferred to Leopoldov Prison.

Kočner grew up in a good family, as a little he devoted himself to sports. Has it changed so much and money so much that she ordered the murder of a man? “The nature of a person and his character does not change by a jump but gradually evolves. If we seem to have experienced a sudden turnaround, it only relaxes the accumulated effects. Competing in childhood is different in appearance than in adulthood. Then he wants to be the first reciter, later the first monarch or first lover. A good family means only that it is not antisocially conspicuous. We know nothing about the emotional conditions in the family. How much love and attention the child has received will be forever hidden, ” said psychologist Dušan Kešický for and added:”Having cold blood is a social pre-death condition. In order to remain a warm-blooded animal, it must be appropriately emotionally equipped. We like that man. We are nice to these others or we are afraid of them or we need something. Each action is given by a rational plan and emotional regulation. In the murder, regulation is failing, and it is far more serious with planned murders, and it is linked to emotional disturbances of personality supported by distorted perceptions of reality as a result of previous successes. ”