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March 6, 2020 Celebrity

Czech glamour model finds happiness in plastic surgery

Czech glamour model finds happiness in plastic surgery - Czech Points

Czech glamour model Lenka Kovářová, ashamed of her ‘small’ 34A breasts spends £5,000 (CZK 150,000) in a bid to live her best life as a 34H .

Lenka did not feel comfortable at all and therefore decided to enlarge them by surgery. She liked the big breasts so much that she had them enlarged a second time. Now Lenka says she is a happy woman.

“Before plastic surgery, I felt angry that I couldn’t wear what I wanted. As a woman, I was ashamed by my small breasts.”

At first, she decided for more natural-looking breasts.

But she was so excited about them that she decided to have her bust size 34H. It is the largest silicone implant that is legal in the Czech Republic. “Now, I feel more like a woman. I see how my breasts affect men,” said the Czech woman.

“I have a lot of fun with them because I know what it was like before. No woman in my family has a big bust. I know a lot of them were moody about that. I didn’t want to experience it either. I wanted to be happy with my body,” explained the model. However, the procedure was not without concern.

“I was a little afraid of the procedure, but nothing could stop me,” Lenka admitted. She paid CZK 65,000 for the first enlargement. The second one, which was more demanding, cost CZK 85,000. With a pre-operative examination worth three thousand, her operations totaled 153 thousand crowns.

I don’t need another operation, says Lenka.

“I enjoy life without limitation after surgery. I have no health problems with my breasts. Once a year I go to the sonography of breasts, but every woman should do it, whether or not she has implants. I am satisfied with my breasts now. They do not need another operation. Maybe botox when needed,” she said.

Lenka says being sexy is crucial because she sells products from a well-known erotic brand. “My family is happy for me. Most of the women in my family also had their breasts enlarged. I was the first one with silicones.”

The reactions of people to her new bust have been overwhelmingly positive. Her boyfriend also loves them.

“I’ve never experienced a negative response. I am sure that I am 100% more attractive to men, but maybe it is my self-confidence,” says the model.