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February 7, 2020 Celebrity

Comic-Con Prague kicks off at O2 Arena

Comic-Con Prague kicks off at O2 Arena - Czech Points

Comic-Con Prague, the first-ever Comic-Con event in the Czech Republic, opened its doors today. The pop culture festival taking place at the O2 Arean will play host to thousands of fans through Sunday.

Fans will be able to meet their favorite writers, actors, comic designers, and other artists for three days at the O2 Arena.

Hundreds of people were waiting for the opening of the event at 2:00 pm, thousands flowed into the building during the afternoon. There are many activities awaiting fans who come in costumes from their favorite movies, series, and comics.

Fans can take photos with life-size models from Star Wars or a life-size Superman.

The Iron Throne from the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones is on display.

The programs start today with a panel of actors from the Game of Thrones series – Vladimir Furdík, who played the role of Night King, and Ian McElhinney, who played the knight Barristan Selmy.

The weekend will feature panels with actors from the superhero film Hellboy, Ron Perlman, and Ladislav Beran. Danny John-Jules, whom Czech viewers know as the Cat from the British series Red Dwarf, will appear. Viewers can borrow headphones during the shows for simultaneous translations from interpreters.

In the evening, the opening ceremony will be open to visitors. A concert at the Prague Film Orchestra will follow. Czech writers, Miroslav Žamboch and František Kotleta will appear. The program also includes other screenings, discussions, workshops, competitions, exhibitions, concerts as well as playing video games or virtual reality.

Comic-Con Prague features films, series, games, comics, and books primarily in the sci-fi, fantasy, and horror genres. It takes place for the first time in our country, it has a long tradition abroad in many cities. The first edition took place in the USA in 1970 and has grown into an extraordinary event over the years.