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July 1, 2019 Celebrity

Adela Vinczeová denies cocaine use!

Adela Vinczeová denies cocaine use! - Czech Points

The famous Slovak presenter Adela Vinczeová, who is also very successful in the Czechia, has repeatedly been accused of abusing drugs. She has decided to respond to the accusations after keeping quiet for years.

Vinczeová, who is famous in Slovakia and Czechia, had to slow down the pace three years ago, accepting less work than before because she was becoming burned out.

Her work pace was killer, some critics began to wonder how she could keep doing it. On the internet, the presenter could read about accusations of drug use. “I’ve learned from four people that someone has been selling me cocaine for four years. People assumed I couldn’t do so much work without it being on drugs,” said Adela.

Adela denied allegations of hard drug use. “The truth is, I never used cocaine. I only used marijuana, like most people who experiment with drugs as teenagers,” said Vinczeová.