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November 22, 2019 Politics

Zeman worst president since 1989: Poll

Zeman worst president since 1989: Poll - Czech Points

Milos Zeman is officially the worst president since 1989, with 54 percent. The winner of best president after 1989 is Vaclav Havel, Vaclav Klaus came in 2nd. According to a STEM / MARK survey.

The position of the best president divides both generation and people according to the highest completed education according to STEM / MARK. People without GCSE are more often considered the best President Zeman. On the other hand, Havel dominates among people with higher education. The young people appreciate Havel primarily for his humanitarian legacy.

The data is based on a long-term survey of the STEM / MARK agency among the Czech population over 18 years. The current poll, which took place in October, roughly a month before the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, was weighed on the past presidential election due to greater relevance of the results. The investigation will be repeated. The October survey was attended by 820 people, interviewed by phone or online.