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January 23, 2018 Politics

Zeman to Appoint Babis PM Regardless of Election Outcome

Zeman to Appoint Babis PM Regardless of Election Outcome - Czech Points

PM in resignation and  ANO boss Andrej Babiš will receive a second attempt to build a government, no matter who wins the presidential election. President Milos Zeman suggested this on Monday in TV Barrandov. His opponent, Jiří Drahoš, did not expect to come, instead he met supporters in Lucerne, Prague.

“Whatever the presidential election will be, Mr. Drahoš will not have the opportunity to delegate or not grant Mr. Babiš a second attempt, because until 8 March my presidential mandate still applies,” said President Milos Zeman in a discussion with moderator Jaromír Soukup in TV Barrandov.

He reiterated that Prime Minister in resignation Andrej Babiš will also receive a second attempt to build a government.

“There may be a very, very long time to negotiate between the first and second attempts,” Zeman said.

“If I won, then Mr. Babiš would be worse, because I would give him the second try, but I would expect a month, two or even three before he gets a stand-up support. After all, Topolanek ruled for five months in resignation, and nothing happened. In any case, he would be a prime minister again, either sooner or later, “he added.

He reiterated his untruth that the government of former ODS Chief Mirek Topolánek was in retirement for five months. According to’s analysis, this Cabinet spent only three months in resignation.

Zeman announced in mid-January that he would require at least 101 signatures by MEPs to back his cabinet. Only then would he appoint him as prime minister.

“I suppose that Mr Andrej Babiš will keep me informed on the outcome of my negotiations. When he comes and says he has at least 101 guaranteed votes, I will name him the first time for the second time, “the president said.

Prime Minister in resignation Babiš before deputies on Friday said that in the Czech Republic it is possible to order criminal prosecution. And Zeman stayed with Babis.

“Solar barons are blatantly earning subsidized electricity, especially from solar sources. Alena Vitásková demonstrably fought the solar barons. Do you consider such a hypothetical hypothesis, because not every judge is independent and not every investigator is ineligible that there is no way to blame her? Eventually, this trip did not go because it was liberated, “the president said.

The court dismissed the former head of the Energy Regulatory Office, Vitask’s indictment, in mid-January. She was originally supposed to go to jail for 8.5 years. Vitásková was also part of a delegation that was halfway as a human rights activist of a newly-formed association with a president in Russia.

Much of the discussion with President Zeman was the subject of migration. “It’s one of the important topics. Nobody doubts that. To deal with the flood when you have water on your knees is a little too late. You must build the flood dam before the flood comes, “said the president defending his post.

The bridegroom then compared her to the jingles again. “Do you know the fairy tale? Just put two fingers in there, just warm up and we’ll go again, “he said. “If you want to help refugees, then you can stay in their flats,” Zeman said.

The solution to the arrival of migrants to Europe has three points. “The first is the consistent protection of the European Union’s borders from illegal migration. The second point, which can be considered unpopular, is the consistent deportation of those who have not been granted asylum. The third point is humanistic, helping migrants in their countries of origin, “the president said.

The presidential candidate and former chairman of the Academy of Sciences, Jiří Drahoš, declined to participate in the TV Barrandov debate. The chairs for him therefore remained empty.

Instead, on Monday evening, he finished the contact section of the campaign in Lucerne . Some of his counter-candidates from the first round Michal Horáček, Marek Hilšer and Pavel Fischer also came to support him.

Zeman also performed himself on Nova’s Sunday TV debate. Together with Drahos, he will discuss on Tuesday at Prima and on Thursday at Czech Television.

Last year, when he announced his resignation, the president said he would not participate in the discussion with the other candidates. After the first round, however, he accepted an offer for four TV debates. Drahos said in advance that he would only attend two debates. He used the time before the second round of elections to visit voters in the regions.