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December 8, 2020 Politics

Zeman threatens to veto tax bill

Zeman threatens to veto tax bill - Czech Points

Czech President Miloš Zeman continues to say that he will veto tax legislation, which includes the cancellation of the so-called “super-gross wage”, if its current form is not adjusted, Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Jan Hamáček said after meeting with the president on Tuesday. Specifically the president wants the removal of a Pirate Party amendment that increases taxpayer credit, because he believes it would significantly impair budget stability.  Mr. Hamáček said he proposed his amendment to the president, which would increase taxpayer credit from CZK 24,840 to CZK 30,000. The taxpayer credit approved by the Chamber of Deputies lies at CZK 34,125.

The meeting also touched on the subject of the current epidemiological situation. Mr. Hamáček said that in this area the president is in agreement with the government that coronavirus vaccines will have a significant effect on the development of the epidemic.