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Zeman mocks climate activists

Zeman mocks climate activists - Czech Points

In his traditional Christmas message to the nation, President Miloš Zeman praised the country’s economic successes, citing its stable economic growth, low unemployment, relatively low state debt, growth in salaries and old age pensions. He criticized the country’s slow courts, lengthy administrative procedures and the slow pace of infrastructure construction.

The president took a highly skeptical stand with regard to the ongoing debate on climate change, which he said had taken on the form of a new religion. Zeman said temperatures on Planet Earth had fluctuated for millions of years and he was not convinced that this was due to human activity rather than the forces of Nature. He advised a cautious and rational approach, warning that given the measures discussed, Europe could become an environmental skansen with a low living standard. 

Commenting on the anti-government demonstrations that have taken place in recent months, the president pointed out that governments “came and went” as a result of free and democratic elections, where the prime minister’s opponents could voice their stand.