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July 9, 2019 Politics

Zeman calls for another round of talks on minister's resignation

Zeman calls for another round of talks on minister's resignation - Czech Points

Apparently, social democrats are running out of patience. Miloš Zeman refuses to accept the resignation of Antonín Staněk and appoint a new Minister of Culture proposed by the party. Ignoring these requests is a violation of the coalition agreement, so if the prime minister does not negotiate a change with the headstrong President, the CSSD threatens to leave the government.

The political scientist describes the situation using terms known from psychology. “We know from behaviorism that if we know inputs and outputs, we can decipher what happens inside a black box. Similarly, in politics: if we see the inputs and outputs of the negotiations, we can quite well infer what is happening under the black box,” Švec pointed out at the possibility of predicting what is going on at the top of the policy.

“The fact that the President will meet with the Prime Minister on Thursday shows that the situation is serious. Even though in the ANO, it looks like everything is fine, and although Zeman talks about the persistence of the government. Thursday’s Lány was just a demonstration of power. The main negotiations will take place at the end of this week,” Kamil Švec predicts.

However, the Social Democrats may want to use an unusual situation to their advantage. “The question is whether the CSSD will be able to recall Stanek after all the peripetia and humiliation. Anyone who feels right and who is denied him wants to be finally compensated,” says Švec about the situation around the oldest Czech parliamentary party.

“Andrej Babiš will try to rescue his government and a lousy reputation again on Thursday now with a knife to his neck from Jan Hamáček, maybe he will achieve something. But the premise is apparent – the seriousness of the situation outgrows the assumptions, the political scientist points out that the condition is more severe than it may seem at first sight.

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