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Zeman Rolls Out Drahos Attack Ads

Zeman Rolls Out Drahos Attack Ads - Czech Points

The Friends of Miloš Zeman Friends Association has published in some dictionaries an advertisement that supports the current president and attacks his opponent in the election of Jiří Drahoš. It combines it with migration support. A controversial advertisement to support Zeman appeared in the press five years ago when he attacked the opponent Karel Schwarzenberg.

The current ad announces “Stop Immigrants and Drahosh, this country is ours!” and encourages the election of Zeman. He appeared in the Diary and the Right. The journal also has a response on the front page of Jiří Drahoš: “I was expecting this type of lies and misinformation, it is a common slander, I only agree with the Stop the Immigrants, and none of us waves of immigrants here,” Drahoš said. In the commentary, the director of the diary, Roman Gallo, criticized the ad and called it “castle foul”. Zeman, according to him, knows Drahos’ refusal to refugee quotas.

A number of deliberately false information about both candidates is spreading mainly on social networks during the pre-election period. The speculation about Zeman is mainly about his health. Drahosh writes that he is abusing little boys, stealing discoveries to his colleagues, or being a Communist State Security Officer (StB). False information about Drahosha is rebutting the recently-founded website. The advocate of Zeman is most often spoken by Jiří Ovčáček.

The position of the candidate on illegal migration and so-called migration quotas is often mentioned on social networks. Dragon’s opponents call him in the comments as “fighters” or “sunscreens,” which the writer perceives as negative. In the run-up to the first round of elections, Drahoš said that the solution to economic migration from Africa is to help directly in the countries of origin. He also called for checks on the external borders of Europe.

Zeman said he would not be campaigning. After the Czech Republic, however, a large number of billboards and advertising posters appeared before the first round of the election, the re-election of Zeman also supported newspaper advertising. Speaker Jiří Ovčáček then said that electoral advertising was being used with Zeman’s consciousness.

Zeman has 4.5 million crowns in the transparent account, the money was available before the first lap. Costs of billboards and other advertising worth 17 million crowns were charged as free of charge, mostly from organizations close to his associates, including Friends of Milos Zeman or the People’s Rights Party (SPO), which Zeman founded, helping him to collect signatures under a petition for petition Zeman headquarters holds press conferences.

SPO Chairman Jan Veleba said on Wednesday in the DVTV broadcast that he did not sign the costs for the party. The area of ​​financing is the responsibility of the vice-chairman of the party. When asked whether it was possible for the Vice-President to use Zeman’s campaign money, he replied that he did not know. He then left the studio prematurely. Among other things, he said the SPO organized a campaign in favor of Zeman before the second round of the presidential election by way of embossing billboards or leaflets.

During the election campaign five years ago a series of lies about the family and the person of Karel Schwarzenberg appeared. They focused on sensitive topics around the German occupation and the post-war expulsion of the Germans. Shortly before the second round, an unsigned ad appeared in the Blesk daily, which, for example, stated that Schwarzenberg “is preparing the land for the return of property to descendants of war criminals,” and that he considers the post-war expulsion of the Germans unfair.