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December 17, 2017 Politics

Unbending KSCM Refuses to Nominate Alternate - Communist Riot Cop Ondracek Up for 2nd Vote Tuesday

Unbending KSCM Refuses to Nominate Alternate - Communist Riot Cop Ondracek Up for 2nd Vote Tuesday - Czech Points

The KSCM refuses to give up the nomination of SNB’s former SNP member Zdeněk Ondráček to the head of the GIBS control commission. This was stated on Sunday by the head of the KSCM parliamentary club, Pavel Kováčik. Party leader Vojtech Filip said on Saturday he hoped that ANO leader Andrej Babiš will bring order to the movement. Even because of missing votes Ondráček was not elected to the head of the week.

Ondráček is the only candidate at the head of the commission, but he is unacceptable to a number of deputies because he participated in the violent suppression of anti-regime demonstrations as a member of the contingency regiment in January 1989.

The House did not elect him on Friday. The second attempt will be on Tuesday.

“We have no reason to withdraw it,” said Kováčik to the possibility that Ondráček could replace a more acceptable candidate, which was also called for by the YO movement.

This has so far been voted with the Communists and the SPD during the casting of seats in the Chamber of Deputies, but Ondráček, at Friday’s secret ballot, did not support at least some. The current member of the KSCM won only 85 out of 186 votes.

Ondráček’s election also in the second round is believed by the Communist President Vojtěch Filip. “Babis of the ANO movement directs. I hope that the order will take place in the movement during the second round of elections, “Phil at the sessions of the KSČM Central Committee.

Ondráček refused to appeal to ANO President Babis earlier in the presidential runoff election, Michal Horacek, who reminded that the current deputy in January 1989 brutally intervened during the Palach week against peaceful demonstrators.

Ondráček was a member of SNB Police Emergency Regiment before November 1989 and participated in the violent suppression of demonstrations against the Communist regime. He also spoke in Communist television, where he defended the brutal intervention during Palach’s week, claiming that the demonstrators were armed and attacked the SNB.