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July 29, 2020 Politics

Train strikes, kills woman in Praha-Vršovice

Train strikes, kills woman in Praha-Vršovice - Czech Points

A Czech Railways passenger train struck and killed a woman in Praha-Vršovice Wednesday evening.

The woman was hit by an express train going from Prague to České Velenice around 5:30 pm near U Trati Street in Vršovice. “It was probably an unfortunate accident,” said Siřišťová. According to Jana Poštová, a spokeswoman for the Prague rescue service, the 44-year-old woman was gravely injured.

Due to the accident, the operation between the Prague-Vršovice and Hostivaří stations was interrupted for about an hour. Trains were rerouted through Libeň. Shortly after 6.30 pm, traffic between Vršovice and Hostivaří resumed.

The scene of the accident was impassable due to the investigation. At 18:35, rail operation resumed, so far after one of the two tracks, Czech Railways states.