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June 10, 2019 Politics

Supreme state attorney says Zeman is gunning for him

Supreme state attorney says Zeman is gunning for him - Czech Points

The supreme state attorney, Pavel Zeman, says comments made by President Miloš Zeman at the weekend indirectly confirm that his removal is being considered. The head of state criticised the prosecutor’s stated intention of analyzing a preliminary European Council report suggesting that Prime Minister Andrej Babiš was in conflict of interest. Critics say that Mr. Babiš and President Zeman are in alliance.

Pavel Zeman told the Czech News Agency he would not respond to the president’s invective against him.

Mr. Babiš’s appointment as justice minister of Marie Benešová has led critics to suggest state prosecutors could be undermined. They are due to respond to a police call to charge the prime minister with the alleged abuse of EU subsidies. Ms. Benešová is also seen as being close to President Zeman.

This article originally appeared on Radio Praha