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February 24, 2018 Politics

SPD Fined CZK 45,000 For Misuse Of Election Funds

SPD Fined CZK 45,000 For Misuse Of Election Funds - Czech Points

Tomio Okamura of the SPD received a fine of CZK 45,000 from the Office for the Surveillance of the Economic Policy and Political Movements for an illegal transaction in the election account. At the end of January, the SPD prematurely transferred over 600 thousand crowns from the election account, which is illegal. The money must remain in the account 180 days after the announcement of the election result, which will be until the end of April. The money has returned to the account. They where threatened a fine of half a million.

The Office decided to impose a fine and the SPD refused to oppose it, so the fine stands. Otherwise, the case would go into administrative proceedings. “At the balance sheets of the amount of the fine, we chose lower rates for almost the smallest 30,000, especially given that the damaging effect was remedied as the SPD sent the financial back to its election account, “said Tomáš Hudeček, a member of the Supervisory Board.

SPD spokeswoman Michaela Dolenska said the party respects the sanction. “In this case, the SPD has mistaken and acknowledged its mistake, so she has not appealed against the fine,” the spokesman said. She added that she would pay the fine within the statutory deadline of 30 days after the decision came into force.

The iDnes server also said that the leadership of the SPD movement had canceled the Brno cell of an organization whose members had long-term bad relationships on Tuesday. Approximately one hundred cell members moved directly below the South Moravian Regional Organization.