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May 5, 2020 Politics

Prague seeks talks with Russia over statue dispute

Prague seeks talks with Russia over statue dispute - Czech Points

The minister of foreign affairs, Tomáš Petříček, says that the Czech Republic on Tuesday asked Russia to hold discussions under a treaty on mutual cooperation in a bid to clear up, among other things, a dispute surrounding a statue of Red Army commander Ivan Konev. Mr. Petříček announced the move in the lower house in response to an opposition call for a debate on relations with Russia. 

The Czech foreign policy chief called on MPs to not politicise the issue and to leave it to diplomats. 

Russia was critical of the removal of the statue of Konev from Prague 6. The district’s mayor is now under police protection, as are the mayor of Prague and the mayor of another district. Media reports suggested the three were under threat from Russia but Moscow has strongly denied the allegation.