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September 14, 2021 Politics

Okamura can't imagine Babis will remain PM due to prosecution

Okamura can't imagine Babis will remain PM due to prosecution - Czech Points

The Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD) movement cannot imagine that Andrej Babiš (ANO) would be the prime minister again after the elections, because he is being prosecuted. The chairman of the SPD, Tomio Okamura, said this today at a press conference in the Chamber of Deputies about the possibility of cooperating with the ANO movement. The leaders of the coalition of Pirates and STAN today called on the democratic parties to exclude, like them, the support of the cabinet with the participation of the ANO, SPD and KSČM movements.

“We will negotiate with all parties that will be willing to negotiate the promotion of the SPD’s political program. One of the important points for the SPD is the referendum law, including the possibility of a referendum on the Czech Republic’s withdrawal from the European Union,” Okamura said. At the same time, he subsequently ruled out cooperation with the Pirates. On Monday, they published the post-election strategy, in which they excluded cooperation with the SPD.

On Sunday, CNO Prima News, Vice President ANO and House Speaker Radek Vondráček, did not rule out any post-election coalition. He told the SPD that the parliamentary club of the movement and Okamura were behaving correctly in the Chamber of Deputies. However, according to Vondráček, the problem is, for example, the effort to withdraw the Czech Republic from the EU. YES MP Robert Králíček mentioned that the proposals for a referendum on withdrawal from the European Union or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) were unacceptable to him.

“As for negotiations with the ANO movement, we cannot imagine that Andrej Babiš would be the prime minister again, because he is being prosecuted,” Okamura added today. Babiš and his former adviser Jana Nagyová (formerly Mayerová) face charges in the Stork’s Nest case, both of whom deny guilt.

The prime minister also disappointed the SPD movement by “accepting the first 170 Afghan Islamic migrants to the Czech Republic.” After the Taliban took control of most of Afghanistan in August, the Czechia withdrew 195 people from the country in three flights. They were employees of the embassy, ​​security guards, but also local interpreters and collaborators, who were chosen for this purpose by the army and diplomacy. According to a report by the Ministry of the Interior in the Czech Republic, out of 169 Afghans transferred, 152 evacuees applied for international protection, ie asylum or subsidiary protection. Others have a different form of residence in the Czech Republic.