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September 7, 2020 Politics

Global coronavirus cases pass 27 million

Global coronavirus cases pass 27 million - Czech Points

More than 27 million people worldwide have been infected with the coronavirus, according to data from Johns Hopkins University (JHU), which has been monitoring the development of the COVID-19 pandemic for a long time.

The United States is the hardest-hit country, followed by India, which has surpassed Brazil’s confirmed cases.

The United States now has about 6.3 million infections, India 4.2, and Brazil 4.13 million.

The United States is also a sad leader in terms of deaths. One hundred eighty-nine thousand one hundred twenty-two people succumbed to the complications accompanying COVID-19, there are 126,650 of them in Brazil and 71,642 in India. The total balance of victims is already 890,220.

According to JHU, the limit of 26 million infected fell on September 3.

A new type of coronavirus appeared at the end of last year in Hubei’s central Chinese province. From there, in the following months, it spread throughout the world, which now faces not only a health crisis but also an economic downturn.

Brazil reports 10,273 newly infected and 310 deaths with COVID-19.

In Brazil, there were 10,273 coronavirus-infected people on the last day, and another 310 patients succumbed to the complications of COVID-19. According to Reuters, the health authorities informed about it on Monday.

The balance of infected and deceased is lower than the previous day when the authorities reported 14,521 cases of infection and 447 deaths. This confirms the overall declining trend of recent days. At the peak of the epidemic at the end of July, there were almost 70,000 detected coronavirus cases in the country in a single day.

Today, Brazil has surpassed India in the total number of infections, ranking second in the world after the United States. The most populous country in Latin America registered 4.14 million infected and 126,650 deaths with COVID-19.

In Germany, 1,499 more were infected in the last day.

In Germany, coronavirus infection was confirmed in 1,499 people on Monday. Four other patients died with COVID-19. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) informed about it today on its website.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, SARS-CoV-2 infection in Germany has been confirmed in 252,298 people, of whom about 226,500 have recovered. With the COVID-19 in Germany, 9329 infected died.

The reproduction number, which indicates how many other people infect one infected person on average, is now 1.12 in Germany, slightly above the critical value of one.

The most populous federal states of North Rhine-Westphalia (almost 61,000 confirmed cases and 1,823 deaths) and the second most populous Bavaria (nearly 60,000 infected and 2,643 dead) remain the most affected.

Saxony, like Bavaria, borders the Czech Republic and has registered 6,155 infected people since the beginning of the epidemic. Two hundred twenty-five people died here with the COVID-19.