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January 15, 2018 Politics

Election Fraud Alert - Ballot Boxes Stuffed! More Ballots Than Voters!

Election Fraud Alert - Ballot Boxes Stuffed! More Ballots Than Voters! - Czech Points

The results for the district in Prague-Bohnice, which was last processed on Saturday in the Czech Republic, showed 100.91 percent of valid votes. The Czech Statistical Office has alerted the Election Commission to an irregularity, but the cause of the error can not be traced back. However, more than one hundred percent of the valid votes were collected by some other districts.

In the Bohnice district, the number of cast votes exceeded by five envelopes.

“We have warned the District Election Commission about the discrepancies in the two figures. After repeated recalculation, the commission corrected the discrepancy between the total number of votes and the votes for the individual candidates. At the same time, it confirmed that the number of valid votes remains higher than the number of envelopes submitted, because the cause of this error can no longer be traced back, “said CZSO spokesman Petra Báčová.

According to her, the commission, which corresponds to the submitted data, confirmed all the data in the record with its signatures (irregularity in surrendered envelopes and valid votes  on the CZSO website).

This is the electoral district with the number 8089 with the polling station in the Elementary School. The total number of voters in the list was 858, the committee issued 552 envelopes, but the votes were 557. According to the results, Miloš Zeman won the vote with 191 votes, ie 34.29 percent. The second was Jiří Drahoš with 31.59 percent and 176 votes. Electoral participation reached 64.34 percent.

More than one hundred percent counted the election commissions elsewhere. For example, in Litomyšl they recorded three more voices than the envelopes and thus got 100.4 percent of valid votes.

The district in Ceske Budejovice reported 100.2 percent, as the electoral commission counted a single surrendered vote more than the envelopes voiced by the voters.