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January 4, 2021 Politics

Czech Republic reports 6,220 new COVID-19 cases

Czech Republic reports 6,220 new COVID-19 cases - Czech Points

The total number of deaths from covid-19 exceeded 12,000 in the Czech Republic. According to current data on the website of the Ministry of Health, 12,070 people died with coronavirus. On Sunday, laboratories in the Czech Republic detected 6,220 new cases, about 1,250 more than on Saturday. Of the nearly 15,000 tests, 41.9 percent were positive. Almost 120,000 people in the Czech Republic are now suffering from the infection, 5,777 were hospitalized on Sunday, about 200 more than on Saturday, and 877 are in serious condition.

The daily increases for the first days of this year are still lower than at the end of last year. On New Year’s Eve, there were 13,284 infected and a record 17,038 cases the day before. However, the number of tests also dropped significantly, with almost 28,000 on the last day of the year and over 35,000 the day before.

Higher December daily increases are now reflected in the number of people requiring hospital care. While more than 4,300 patients had to be hospitalized during the Christmas holidays, their number exceeded 6,000 at the end of the year. Therefore, hospitals are now not allowed to admit patients for planned procedures that can be postponed. It must also increase the number of beds prepared for patients with covid-19.

The increase in the number of deaths with covid-19 is also slightly accelerating. After the Christmas holidays, there were more than 120 of them a day. There are 305 deaths with covid on the first days of this year, 134 on Friday, 112 on Saturday, and 59 on Sunday.

The risk index of the anti-epidemic system PES has dropped to 85 points out of 100 today. The previous three days were at the highest value of 90 points. However, the national score remains in the highest, the fifth state of alert, on the sixth day in a row. The reason for the decrease in the value of PES is the reduction of the so-called simplified reproductive number, which indicates the average number of infected from one positive test, from 1.4 to 1.31.

The fastest coronavirus is currently spreading in the Hradec Králové Region, where about 996 infections per 100,000 inhabitants have increased over the past week. The Opava region is followed by 884 cases and the Trutnov region with approximately 869 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The relatively best situation is in the Chomutov region, with 273 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in March, the coronavirus in the Czech Republic has been confirmed in 746,714 people. The number of people cured exceeded 615,000.