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September 14, 2021 Politics

Czech Republic reports 493 new COVID-19 cases

Czech Republic reports 493 new COVID-19 cases - Czech Points

On Monday, there were 493 newly confirmed cases of covid-19 in the Czech Republic, a quarter more than a week ago. This is the second highest daily number since the beginning of June. Tests revealed more cases of infection with a new type of coronavirus last week on Tuesday, 582. The number of people hospitalized in connection with covid rose to 139 on Monday. There were 48 fewer a week earlier. According to the Ministry of Health. Paramedics administered 13,000 doses of the vaccine against the disease on Monday.

The average weekly incidence of covid in the Czech Republic on Monday increased from 24 to 25 confirmed cases per 100,000 inhabitants. That’s seven cases more than a week earlier.

Coronavirus infection is most prevalent in the Karlovy Vary region, with 47 new cases per 100,000 population in the last seven days. There are 42 in Prague and 30 newly detected cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the Moravian-Silesian Region. On the contrary, in the Liberec Region, as in the only region, the incidence number is just under ten.

At the district level, infections are most prevalent in the Karlovy Vary and Písek regions. In the district of Karlovy Vary there are 76 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants per week, in Písek there are 61 cases.

The reproduction number indicating the number of infected from one positive test remains just below 1.2 the next day. The reproduction number has remained above the break value one since 26 August. If it is greater than one, the epidemic accelerates, slowing below this value.

There are 139 people in hospitals in connection with the covid, 21 of them in difficult condition. It has been hospitalized the most since mid-June. In a week-on-week comparison, there were 48 more patients with covid.

Since the epidemic began last March, more than 1.68 million people have been shown to be infected with the new type of coronavirus. About 98 percent of them have already been cured, while 30,416 have died. There have been five deaths in the statistics in the last seven days, eight since the beginning of September.

Laboratories performed nearly 65,000 tests for a new type of coronavirus on Monday, according to preliminary statistics. A week earlier, they checked 31,000 more samples.

According to preliminary data, medics administered 13,000 doses of covid vaccination on Monday, about 4,000 less than a week ago. If the number had not changed, it would have been the lowest number of vaccinations on weekdays since 2 February.

Since the beginning of vaccination against covid, almost 11.65 million doses have been administered in the Czech Republic. 5,852,221 people are fully vaccinated.