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September 16, 2020 Politics

Czech COVID-19 cases rise at record pace

Czech COVID-19 cases rise at record pace - Czech Points

The increase in the number of COVID-19 cases was again a record in the evening. There are 1293 positive tests so far. That is 325 more than at the same time on Tuesday and about 400 less than on the whole Tuesday when the laboratories recorded the highest daily increase since the beginning of the epidemic. According to the Ministry of Health, the total number of confirmed cases in the Czech Republic exceeded 40,000, and in more than half a year, 40,186 people became infected.

There are now 16,809 infected in the country, most with a mild course of the disease. However, the number of hospitalized is also growing. According to data, as of Tuesday, 388 people were in hospitals, 55 more than the previous day. There are 81 patients with severe conditions, three more.

Five casualties have also been added to the statistics, for a total of 481. Of these, three deaths fall today.