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Czech coronavirus cases pass 24,800

Czech coronavirus cases pass 24,800 - Czech Points

On Monday, laboratories in the Czech Republic confirmed 257 new coronavirus cases, which is the smallest daily increase in the last eight days. Today, the number has risen by 214. Half a year since the country’s first cases of COVID-19 appeared, 24,832 people have been infected. Of these, almost 18,100 recovered, and 425 died. Currently, 6,319 people suffer from the infection, according to data as of 6 pm on the Ministry of Health website today.

In most cases, the disease is mild, but the number of hospitalized with COVID-19 has increased by almost a tenth in the last day. According to the data, 166 people are in the hospital with coronavirus on Monday, which is the highest since 11 May. Thirty-four of them are in serious condition. However, the share of hospitalized among currently ill patients has remained below three percent for the last month.

Over the past week, laboratories in the country have detected about 2,440 cases of coronavirus, more than five hundred more than the previous week. On Friday, the second-highest daily increase since the coronavirus epidemic was recorded, with 483 new infections. Although the growth slowed down at the weekend, there are usually fewer tests performed on days off. Of Monday’s 7,876 tested, 3.26 percent had the disease. On Sunday, it was almost seven percent. Since the beginning of March, the laboratories have performed more than 910,000 tests.

The most significant increase in the number of infected people is now in Hodonín, where more than 58 new cases of COVID-19 have increased per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days. Prague follows it with almost 49 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the past week and Mělnicko with about 40 cases.

From today, it is again mandatory in the Czech Republic to cover your mouth and nose when traveling by public transport, at offices, when visiting medical and social facilities, or at internal events from hundreds of participants. Children who start the new school year today do not have blankets, but some schools require them.

The first cases of coronavirus infection occurred in the Czech Republic on 1 March, the first person with a COVID died three weeks later. Around mid-March, the government began to implement widespread measures against the spread of coronavirus, which has so far unprecedentedly restricted the free movement and travel, business, or daily activities of people. The gradual release came before the holidays. Now the state has returned to tightening the rules due to the continuing increase in the number of patients and children’s return to school and people from holidays in September. Epidemiologists fear the situation will worsen. However, the isolation for the infected and the quarantine for the people who have been in contact with them has reduced from 14 to ten days from today.