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March 23, 2020 Business

Budweiser Budvar stops production

Budweiser Budvar stops production - Czech Points

Budweiser Budvar brewery stopped its beer bottling line due to coronavirus.

Budvar cut production by 30 percent for the second week in a row because it has full warehouses, and orders dropped. It has about 90,000 hectoliters of beer in stock, which it gradually distributes. It’s a two to three week supply.

The brewery can store the barrels refrigerated to five degrees and will be able to extend the barrel beer guarantees by approximately two months.

About a hundred Budvar employees are working from home due to coronavirus. It is challenging to find protective gear for drivers who carry beer for export. For the most critical positions, they have them but need many more masks.

Last year, Budvar exported almost 70 percent of the beer sold. Last year it cooked a record 1,679 million hectoliters, and sales exceeded three billion crowns for the first time.