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February 11, 2020 Business

Blesk remains top czech daily newspaper

Blesk remains top czech daily newspaper - Czech Points

The daily tabloid Blesk is the most popular newspaper in the Czech Republic. However, the paper saw a decline of 39,000 readers in the second half of 2019, with 834,000 readers per issue.

MF Dnes is the second most popular paper with 513,000 readers per edition. Pravo came in third with 215,000.

The Denik regional titles saw a slight decrease of 17,000 to 462,000 readers.

The free daily papers Metro and E15 both increased their readership due to better distribution.

Publishing houses Mafra (MF Dnes, Lidove noviny) and Czech News Center (Blesk, Aha!, and Sport) have the most significant reach at 25% each. Followed by Vltava Labe Media (Denik) with a share of 18 percent.