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January 7, 2018 Politics

Bartos Aims to Take Down Babis

Bartos Aims to Take Down Babis - Czech Points

Ivan Bartos defended the post of the boss of the Czech Pirate Party. Members of the party could vote over the internet. Pirates should go to the government only in the next parliamentary term and will not support any of the nine candidates in the election of the Castle. In choosing the boss, Bartos did not have the opponent. In the next parliamentary elections he wants to defeat Andrei Babis’s ANO movement.

“In the next parliamentary term, if we work as we promised the voters, we have a chance to succeed and defeat even the most powerful ANO movement now,” Bartos said.

According to the Pirates’ Statutes, party leaders have three months after the parliamentary elections to make the functions available. In online voting, Bartos received 276 votes out of 293 on Saturday, representing 60 percent of the party’s members.

The first vice-presidentis newly Olga Richterová, who moved after the congress with the seven-month-old son Melichar and mentioned as a priority the reconciliation of family and working life. Another new vice-chairman is Radek Holomcik.

The leaders of the Pirate were the Vice-Presidents of the Czech Republic, Jakub Michálek and Mikuláš Peksa. “We are still a small party,” Michalek said. “It is a great upbeat and a sign that the pro-European course is valid,” Peksa said.

Bartos, as chairman, first led the Pirates to the Chamber of Deputies for the first time, where they became the third strongest party. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš offered the Pirate cooperation, but they refused.

Already before the election, they defined not only twenty programming conditions. They also said that they could not be in the government with YES predominance, or in what the accused politician would do, which is what Babiš is about to be prosecuted by the police for a 50-million-dollar subsidy at the Cape Hat.

“I have been operating on the Pirate’s side for eight years,” Bartos said. And he said that this party is one of the most important things in his life for the family. He appealed to the honor of party members. “We will be constructive opposition,” he said. “We should participate in the government in the next parliamentary term,” said the Pirates chief.

 Political parties, according to him, usually act as a business. “We work as a democratic political party,” Bartos said. “I have no scandals like Public Affairs Vita Bárta, like Agrofert Andrey Babis,” he said.

“Given that there is a direct election, the Pirate Party will not support any presidential candidate,” Bartos said at the Pirate National Forum.

Pirates will also elect vice-presidents and will also address the program. Every member of the Party participates in the National Pirate Forum. Most of his meetings are held on the Internet, but according to the statutes, at least once a year, a physical meeting of the national forum must take place.