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Pavel Burian

July 12, 2018 Politics

Babis wins confidence vote in lower house

The Chamber of Deputies expressed confidence in the YES and CSSD cabinet on Thursday morning, supported by the Communists. Quiet talks sparked the conflict between Prime Minister Babiš and the protesters, followed by the heated quarrel between the Prime Minister and the TOP 09 deputy chief Miroslav Kalousek. In the House, President Milos Zeman also appeared. On Wednesday morning, Prime Minister Babiš introduced the new Minister of Justice Jan Kněžínek, who was replaced by Taťán Malá.

According to the chairman of STAN Petra Gazdík, a government was formed with the great influence of President Milos Zeman. “It will be coherent with the first economic crisis,” Gazdík said.

“The government of Andrei Babiše has gained confidence and it is a bad news for the Czech Republic, an incomplete government with a vague program that will not move the Czech Republic anywhere,” commented the ODS press briefing of the government’s chairman Petr Fiala.

“Today’s vote ends with the First Czech Republic and the Second Czech Republic begins,” created the historical parallel of the leader of the People’s Party Pavel Bělobrádek at a press conference after the Chamber of Deputies. “Do not waste hope,” he told the public.

105 MPs voted for Prime Minister Babis’ minority government, 91 were against, 4 were apologized. It was surprising that during the vote the Zdenek Ondraček Communist Party was not accused and the government did not support it. On the other hand, former Minister of Defense Karel Šlechtová, she told Andrei Babis’ s cabinet yes.