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June 24, 2019 Politics

Babis remains aloof following mass protest

Babis remains aloof following mass protest - Czech Points

Andrej Babiš says the more money his government pumps into salaries, investments, science and research, the more people are unhappy. He made the comments a day after an estimated quarter of a million people called for his resignation at the biggest demonstration in Prague in almost three decades. 

Mr. Babiš said it was a strange situation, adding that people could contact him by email or SMS if they had any doubts or wished to ask any questions. 

Sunday’s mass protest was the latest in a series demanding independence for the Czech judiciary. After the police recommended Mr. Babiš be charged over alleged EU subsidy abuse he installed a new justice minister, a move critics say could lead to interference in his case. 

The PM said on Sunday that this was a mistaken suggestion. He said it was incredible that some protesters had called for him to be sent straight to jail and the president placed in a coffin but added that protests were a part of democracy.