The Biggest Loser: Pavol Krupa, court throws out his case against OKD

The Ostrava District Court, according to the Watchdog server , dismissed his suit filed on behalf of ARC equity services on Residomo and RPG Industries in mid-April. The action sought damages in the case of one particular apartment and its owner.

“The court dismissed the claim for damages, which, according to the plaintiff, was supposed to arise to the tenants by not getting the option to buy the apartments first by existing tenants before selling the housing stock from OKD’s former property,” the server said. According to him, it follows from the decision of the Judge of the District Court in Ostrava,

Residomo is the current owner of former OKD flats, RPG Industries Limited is the legal successor of Karbon Invest, which acquired OKD in 2004. Arca filed a lawsuit against them in August 2016. According to the server, the concrete dispute was one flat and damages (including non-material damage) totaling over one million crowns. ARC equity was not a tenant of the apartment, but took over the receivable of a tenant of one of Ostrava’s apartments, paying half of the amount recovered in case of success.


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