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April 21, 2020 Politics

Zeman wants borders closed for one year

Zeman wants borders closed for one year - Czech Points

President Milos Zeman says the borders should remain closed for a year to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Zeman recommends Czechs enjoy the beauty of their country during that time. Zeman plans to spend the summer in the Highlands.

Deputy Minister of Health Roman Prymula said in March that travel could be limited by a year or two. According to Minister of Health Adam Vojtěc, free travel is still possible for this summer season. Czechs could eventually go to selected countries with a low risk of infection. Such as Croatia or Slovakia.

“I believe that the borders should be closed for a year, not two years so that the exit does not trigger a 2nd wave of the epidemic, which can happen when you are going to countries where the epidemic is not over,” Zeman said.

Travel agencies, hotels, and other tourism entrepreneurs are asking the government to provide at least preliminary dates for opening borders. However, according to the Cabinet, developments in the Czech Republic and neighboring countries cannot yet be predicted.