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Zeman Lets Babis Off the Hook - 101 Signatures Not Required if Zeman Loses Election

Zeman Lets Babis Off the Hook - 101 Signatures Not Required if Zeman Loses Election - Czech Points

Andrej Babiš, Prime Minister and President of the ANO Movement, gave President Milos Zeman the resignation of his cabinet Wednesday at the Prague Castle. His government did not gain the confidence of the Chamber of Deputies last week on Tuesday. The president instructed Babiša to negotiate a new government and said that if he were not elected, he would not demand a majority of 101 votes for Babis.

Babiš and Zeman met at the Castle two days before the presidential election, in which the ANO movement expressed support for the current president. Acceptance of the demise The castle was originally announced at the end of last week, the date then changed.

Babiš’s minority government approved resignation a week ago. It happened five weeks after her appointment. Demisi government voted the day after the vote of the Chamber of Deputies, which did not expect her to trust her. Babiš has only supported his ANO movement for his cabinet.

“I urge you to have this legal support, negotiating a government, and I wish you success,” Zeman said Wednesday, as he was given the same mandate by the President of the ANO movement at the end of October, an informal move that is not embedded in the constitution, but should lead to the later appointment of Babis as prime minister.

Zeman had earlier said that Babis in the second attempt would provide enough time at the hearing and would demand 101 votes in the House before his appointment. But on Wednesday he said something else.

“Here the conditional continuity algorithm applies. I would like to give the Prime Minister all the time to gain the support for his government, that is, the 101 signatures. On the other hand, and this is a conditional continuation, I can not, of course, rule out my non-election, and in that case I will keep my promise and name Mr Babiš as prime minister during February. And because it will be a fairly short time to get the necessary number of votes, I will not insist on this condition, “Zeman told journalists at a news conference.

The castle originally announced that Zeman’s demise would be accepted by the end of the last working week, and government representatives expected early acceptance. The President’s spokeswoman later changed his statement, failing to find free time in Zeman’s program. He told the President’s program that he was preparing for the election match with Lady Drahoslav, He later said that Zeman had undergone a minor surgery in his hospital last week.