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October 17, 2019 Politics

Zeman hospitalized for 'planned convalescence'

Zeman hospitalized for 'planned convalescence' - Czech Points

Czech President Milos Zeman will go into hospital on Thursday for a “planned convalescence”, his spokesman said on Wednesday, adding that no serious health issue was involved.

Zeman, 75, had a medical check at the end of September during which doctors found no major problems. The president, who suffers from a nerve condition in his feet, walks with a cane.

“The president has a planned convalescence stay at the Military University Hospital (UVN), which will begin on Thursday and will last until this Sunday at the longest,” presidential spokesman Jiri Ovcacek said.

“It is by no means anything urgent, no serious health problem which would require a medical procedure.”

The office of the Czech president is largely ceremonial, although the head of state has some constitutional powers, such as appointing the prime minister and members of government. Nevertheless, Zeman has often interjected his views into domestic politics.

Zeman, a heavy smoker known for his love of alcohol, has said repeatedly that apart from the problem with his feet, he is in good health.

Credit: Reuters