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January 30, 2018 Politics

Victory in Hand, Zeman's Thugs Unleashed - Attack Reporters at Election Party

Victory in Hand, Zeman's Thugs Unleashed - Attack Reporters at Election Party - Czech Points

Celebrations in the camp of supporters of Milos Zeman in the Prague hotel did not go without a heated conflict. There was a fist and a ruined journalist technique. Everything started a collapse of one of the participants.

Milos Zeman’s camp broke out after the election results announced stormy celebrations that did not go without the joyous speeches of his supporters and cheerful wins of victory.

But in the evening, there was an outraged conflict after one of the men in the crowd began to savage wildly among the people. Others escorted him to the stage where he collapsed. He hit his head hard. An ambulance was summoned immediately.

“We treated men with a disorder of consciousness that played the role of alcohol,” spokeswoman Jana Poštová said. But some of the participants were displeased with the presence of cameras to such an extent that they attacked journalists. They did not take napkins. At least one camera fell to the floor and there were punches of the fist.

The journalist should separate the wooden plenta from the lounge where the incident happened. But it was not so easy to pull her and so one of the participants had patience. Kameraman even hit his fist.

Police have announced on Twitter that they have already solved the case. “The Prague TOP HOTEL incidents are based on media coverage by Prague police officers, at the moment without specific legal qualifications,” the investigators said.