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October 14, 2019 Celebrity

Veronika Kopřivová's new lover only lasted 89 seconds!

Veronika Kopřivová's new lover only lasted 89 seconds! - Czech Points

Veronika Kopřivová is not impressed with Dubovicky

Veronika Kopřivová supported her new boyfriend, Miroslav Dubovicky, at his debut MMA match. Dubocvicky took on the veteran Vilem Cao, and the fight lasted only 89 seconds! And unlike Mike Tyson’s 89-second return to the ring in 1995 vs. Peter Mcneely, this fight will not be remembered by anyone.

Miroslav Dubovický made it 89 seconds in the ring before losing his first match. And, instead of giving his opponent credit for being the better fighter he made excuses, blaming his bad luck. He insists he’ll do better next time.

From the outset of the match, it was clear that Vilem Cao, a professional, is a much better fighter than Miroslav Dubovicky. But, Cao has been boxing since childhood and has a stellar career ahead of him. 

Jaromir Jagr’s ex-girlfriend‘s new boyfriend dabbled in kickboxing and was under the impression that after a few training sessions, he could face a professional. “I have a great feeling about my preparation for the fight. Its a defeat, but it made me even stronger, “he wrote right after losing the match, which lasted just 89 seconds.

Veronika and his twin Martin supported him in his foolish endeavors. “My biggest support, win, luck,” wrote Miroslav on a photo post where Veronika lies in his lap. “My brother put everything into the match and the performance, although not too long, which he showed was great for me,” said his brother. 

Perhaps its time for Dubovický to start looking for a new career.