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August 14, 2020 Politics

Two injured after train derails in Mstětice

Two injured after train derails in Mstětice - Czech Points

In Mstětice near Prague this morning, seven train cars derailed near the railway crossing. A vehicle, a traction pole, and a railway building were all damaged in the accident. Two people are injured. The damage is estimated at CZK 2.2 million. The investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing.

The driver of the car is slightly injured, after the on-site treatment he was transferred to the Hospital in Bulovka, the track worker was treated on the spot, said Mach.

The cars left after 9:00 and passed through the railway crossing, which was secured by traffic lights and barriers, but the device did not signal the arriving railway cars at the time of the wagons passing. The cars derailed after a collision with a passing vehicle. The Railway Inspectorate has started an investigation into the emergency.

Jan Kučera, Inspector General of the Railway Inspectorate, told reporters that the security device was not active, because it is operated manually from the station only during reported traffic on the siding. Still, the staff had no information that a train should leave the siding. The train cars have been on the siding since Tuesday. He added that the driver of a vehicle was obliged to make sure that nothing was going on if the warning light did not flash.

Railway firefighters worked at the scene of the accident during the day. Derailed wagons were rescued using a special technique. They had three vehicles on-site, including a rescue car.

Traffic between the stations Prague Horní Počernice – Čelákovice is interrupted. The Czech Railways website states that passengers to and from the Zeleneč stop can use line 353 of Prague’s public transport. Mstětice is part of the village Zeleneč. It is estimated that the line should be operational by midnight.

There have been more accidents on the railways in recent weeks. The most tragic was the July train crash near Pernink in the Karlovy Vary region, in which two people died, and more than 20 were injured. Another sad accident occurred mid-July near Český Brod, where a passenger train crashed into the back of a freight express. The driver died in the accident. On Tuesday, a freight train collided with a locomotive in Jihlava. No one was injured, but more than seven million were damaged.