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July 21, 2020 Politics

Two dead after train hits car near Borohrádek

Two dead after train hits car near Borohrádek - Czech Points

The collision of a train with a car at an unprotected railway crossing on the outskirts of Borohrádek in the Rychnovsko region demanded two dead this afternoon. The driver of the vehicle and the passenger died on the spot. It follows from the information of the police and fire brigade. Traffic on the regional line remained interrupted even after 19:30. No one was injured on the train.

The accident happened between Borohrádek and Čermná nad Orlicí. Czech Railways has introduced alternative bus transport. Police spokeswoman Iva Kormošová estimated at 19:00 that the track would stand for several more hours.

According to firefighters, the car ended up wedged under the train, there were four people on the train, including the driver.

The accident happened outside the village at a railway crossing towards the forest.

The increase in safety on local lines that are being addressed by the new permanent railway safety commission has recently been set up after several major railway accidents. Minister of Transport Karel Havlíček recently said that by 2022, 500 crossings should be secured, which will cost approximately four billion crowns.