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The rule of law and democratic democracy

The rule of law and democratic democracy - Czech Points

This post was written by Herman Chromy and first published on his blog

The political responsibility of many high-ranking and still active politicians or government officials from the 1990s seems to have disappeared, or silently, and new excuses are being sought for her. In the winds, they are already eager to wind up and mobilize parties like SPD, KSČM.

Babis and his political business, or the ANO-Agrofert project, choose (as it happens), openly open up and expand their anti-communist and anti-apocryphal screams in fear that they will take over from other parties.

Elections to the Senate, municipal elections, and the forthcoming election to the European Party are supposed to become under this ideological cunning with the irreconcilable struggle of traditional political parties who have not yet understood that they are already running more. Democratic democracy and the rule of law.

The parliamentary elections in 2017, but neither the next presidential election, helped to see them. On the contrary, they strengthened the position of political chaos and authoritarian Andrei Babiše and increased even more the ambitions of President Zeman to achieve the presidential system, to reduce the Senate, and possibly even more fragmentation of the parliamentary spectrum of political parties that would be unstable (they were and are witnesses from October 2017 to today’s days) resulted in a change of constitutional order.

It turns out that the upcoming three elections may be a chance, hopefully not the last, so that the traditional political parties that are clamoring for democracy have confirmed it by common candidates . They stopped playing on their parsley and distancing themselves from those who are profiled as anti-union and pro-Italian.

It is about to defend its position in the European Union. To preserve the Communist heritage of the past and its ties at the communal level, which, as it is generally known, are purely labor and “harmless”, even though their official representatives on the political floor have not, for decades, resisted with their already open negativity (not constructive reflection) to the European Union and NATO.

The silent, unspoken alliance of President Zeman and the oligarch of Babis intensifies anti-union moods. Attacks against journalists and their animosities neutralizes the government’s executive as a corps of obedient experts with partisan applications in their pockets. In order to divert attention from their political games and dominate this country with a controlled democracy in which voters serve as useful idiots.

Before this tendency, the consequences of which are unpredictable and malignant, as we gradually see around us, the joint efforts of the democratic parties can defend the semi-democratic democracy and give it new impulses.

The Democratic parties, however, await a difficult critical self-reflection in opening up the rule of law, blinded by the funding of political parties by clientelism linked to organized crime, whose strings are disappearing in party secretariats. Instead of being investigated and judged, they are diminished in time by judicial delays, procedural and investigative mistakes, eventually postponed, statute-barred, amnestyed.

Critical self-reflection should not be avoided, too, ordinary citizens, accustomed to perceiving and accepting politics as crap. Although we often contribute to him with his lack of interest in promoting elemental decency in personal life, at workplaces and around. Also, with some comfort and unwillingness, we are closing ourselves in front of this everyday democracy, which begins in the family and continues in every community beyond it, not to become just an empty, blunted phrase.

Its three pillars: educational equipment – essential to the energy of every emerging society, mental and physical health care as part of culture, culture of spiritually developed critical freedom (not just the commercialized, pseudo-free “culture” of the entertainment industry) they should leverage our future.

Democracy is still inherent to her. Democracy, in which perhaps these pillars will gradually gain momentum over the exhausted vision of a happy life, based on the unlimited growth and the heavily populated scissors of the well-being of the already devastated planet of the earth and its inhabitants.