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December 8, 2017 Politics

Telička (ANO) Exposes Broken Promises and Failures of President Zeman

Telička (ANO) Exposes Broken Promises and Failures of President Zeman - Czech Points

European Deputy Speaker Pavel Telička (ANO) has launched an initiative on social networks, in which he wants to point out in the coming weeks the unfulfilled promises of President Milos Zeman.

He wants to show that Zeman should not be elected to head of state for another five years.

Telička reminded Zeman’s statement shortly after his election that one of the reasons for the destruction of Czech politics is that politicians do not fulfill their promises. “Exceptionally, and I like to agree with President Zeman. Voters really have the right to know that the politician they have chosen on the basis of his promises does not meet his commitments, “Telicka said.

Before the presidential election in January, he wants to expose the promises Zeman has broke. He first drew attention to Zeman’s promise this spring that his campaign will not be re-elected by the president. “Although Zeman promised that the campaign will not be made before the second direct presidential election, the streets begin to fill his billboards with photographs and the slogan ‘Zeman again 2018’,” said the Vice-President of the EP.

Zeman’s spokesman Jiri Ovaccek In response to the reaction request, CTK said that “Mr. Telič’s activities are of interest only to the Prague Cafe, Bakal’s Media and CT”.

He also called for warning of the violated Zeman’s promises. “I do not preclude anyone from joining me, using the enclosed graphics, sharing the posts I will fill in on my Internet channels in the coming days, or just wondering if the Czech Republic deserves a better president than Milos Zeman. Today, there can be no doubt that he contributes to the destruction of Czech politics, “Telička wrote.

Telicka broke this year with ANO, for which he previously worked as an expert on foreign policy. As a reason, the increasing differences in opinions with the President of the Andrei Babiš Movement not only on European politics but also on Zeman. He criticized ANO for not opposing Zeman in the presidential election of its own candidate, nor did he comment on who he will support the election. Earlier this year, Telicka said that each state-party political party and movement should call their voters not to vote for Zeman.