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February 24, 2021 Politics

Slovakia coronavirus cases surge to highest level since Jan. 12

Slovakia coronavirus cases surge to highest level since Jan. 12 - Czech Points

Laboratory tests in Slovakia confirmed 3,547 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, which is the highest daily increase since 12 January. At the same time, most PCR tests were performed in the last almost five weeks, namely 15,160. This follows from data published today by the Slovak Ministry of Health. The number of new cases of infection has increased in the Czech Republic since 6 January.

Slovakia is also testing en masse with less accurate antigen tests. Of the 132,614 of these tests, 2,323 ended with a positive result on Tuesday. Those interested can take the antigen test free of charge at one of the many mobile collection points throughout the country.

Confirmation of a negative result of the coronavirus test is needed by Slovaks at the current curfew, with exceptions, for example, on the way to work.

The Czechia, which has twice the population of Slovakia, found 15,672 new coronavirus infection cases on Tuesday.

For the first time in five days, Slovakia again recorded a three-digit increase in deaths on covid-19. More than a week ago, the country ranked first globally in terms of the number of recent deaths after coronavirus infection.

The number of hospitalized with confirmed covid-19 or suspected disease in Slovakia dropped to 3936 patients. At the beginning of the week, there were a record 4,017 patients in Slovak hospitals related to coronavirus infection.