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March 1, 2021 Europe

Slovakia announces curfew to curb coronavirus spread

Slovakia announces curfew to curb coronavirus spread - Czech Points

Slovakia will introduce a general curfew in the evening and partly at night from Wednesday, March 3, the government of Prime Minister Igor Matovic decided at today’s extraordinary meeting to slow down coronavirus spread infection. People should wear FFP2 respirators indoors and on public transport.

The Cabinet approved material on the conclusions of a meeting of politicians with experts and scientists; on this basis, Slovakia should prepare for the possibility of severely restricting the movement of people, stopping production, and closing the country if it is not possible to slow down the spread of the infection in the next three weeks.

Slovakia closed various stores before the Christmas holidays and introduced a curfew with several exceptions. Despite this, the number of hospitalized with covid-19 increased in the country, and in February, Slovakia ranked first in the world in terms of the increase in coronavirus deaths. Bratislava also asked EU countries to send medical specialists.

Newly, a general curfew will apply in Slovakia between 20:00 and 01:00, except for, for example, travel to and from work and to the doctor. There is already a milder form of a ban in the country below the Tatras, although people need confirmation of a negative coronavirus test even on the way to work. Restrictions on free movement will no longer apply between 01:00 and 05:00.

Movement in nature will be allowed again only within the district in which the inhabitants live.

The government recommended that the country’s chief hygienist order the mandatory wearing of FFP2 respirators in shops and public transport from March 8 and all interiors outside the home from March 15. A similar measure was previously announced by Czechia, which, like Slovakia, temporarily abolished the value-added tax on respirators.