Sack Babis! 60% say Zeman should replace Babis!

60% of Czechs want President Zeman to sack Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO), according to a poll conducted by the Median agency whose results were released by Czech Television (CT) on Sunday.

Most Czechs share the view that the early election should only be held after all three tries at forming the government fail.

615 of Czechs say Zeman should not empower Babis, but someone else with forming the government. Roughly one-third still prefer Babis.

Czech are split about the possible governments.

Some 37 percent of them are for a government of ANO and the Social Democrat (CSSD) with the support from Communists (KSCM) or for a caretaker government.

Another 32 percent are for a government of ANO with the direct participation of Communists and the anti-EU Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD).

The voters of ANO are also divided. The cooperation of ANO with the CSSD with the tolerance by the KSCM is preferred by 52 percent, while 55 percent are for a minority government of ANO backed by the SPD and the KSCM.

Out of Social Democrats voters, 57 percent are for a government of ANO and the CSSD with the KSCM backing.

The early election is only preferred by 20 percent of Czechs.

The poll was conducted on a sample of 1,018 Czechs over 18 between April 11 and 13.

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