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July 25, 2019 Politics

Report: Cybercrime and tax fraud on the rise

Report: Cybercrime and tax fraud on the rise - Czech Points

The Czech police unit charged with combating organized crime (NCOZ) has released its annual report outlining developments in the sector. Among other things, it points to a rise in cybercrime and tax fraud using bogus ‘chains of companies’.

Reported incidences of cyber-crime increased by 1,161 to 6,815 last year it said. Most related to bogus online shops and ‘phishing’ attacks, where sites extract and exploit users’ data and accounts. It also noted a slight increase in the spread of extortionate ‘ransomware’.

The NCOZ report noted high levels of tax evasion and fraud among Vietnamese and Chinese businesses, which it said often use “chains of companies” to mask transactions. It said there had also been a rise in such financial crime by Slovak-owned entities, particularly among employment agencies.

It further noted an increase in confiscated forgeries of ID cards and papers especially from Romania, Poland and Lithuania. The illegal employment of foreigners in the Czech Republic brings with it organized criminal gangs, the report said, noting Ukrainians represent the largest number of foreigners here illegally.