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January 7, 2018 Politics

Putin the Mystery Benefactor Behind 'Zeman Again' Billboards?

Putin the Mystery Benefactor Behind 'Zeman Again' Billboards? - Czech Points

Who paid for hundreds of billboards and posters to support your re-election to the Castle,  President Milos Zeman reads the petition. The presidential candidate Jiří Drahoš joined in on the initiative. He said on Twitter that the rules should apply to all.

Although Miloš Zeman claims he does not campaign, the Czech Republic can see hundreds of his billboards and posters with the slogans “Zeman Again”.

The castle claims that Zeman has nothing to do with them and let them join the Friends of Milos Zeman. He leads one of Zeman’s closest associates – Castle Chancellor Vratislav Mynar .

Czech, Russian or Chinese? 

Against the Zeman Campaign-Non-Campaign, a petition has now emerged on the Internet asking for the President to disclose who the billboard is paying. “We invite the president to let his colleagues publish their funding sources as soon as possible, whether we are really a candidate in the Czech Republic, or rather a Russian or a Chinese one,” he calls on Zeman’s petition.

Twitter was also shared by former head of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and presidential candidate Jiří Drahoš . “I support this challenge. The rules should apply to all. Otherwise, a fair fight becomes a fair fight, “Drahoš said.

I support this challenge. The rules should apply to all. Otherwise, an unclean fight becomes a fair competition.

– Jiří Drahoš (@ jiridrahos1) on January 4, 2018

All data on the financing of the presidential campaign must be published by law by no later than midnight on January 8.

“Milos Zeman knows about this support (for his re-election – note red. ) And will not defend anyone. At the same time, the costs will be included as a non-financial performance up to the limit of the campaign according to the relevant law, “Barbora Filípková, a member of the Zeman team, told Novinka.

Member of the Office for the Supervision of the Financing of Political Parties and Movement Jan Outlý confirmed to Novinka that Zeman has time to post everything by Monday midnight. One option is that he will have to admit that this is a campaign with his consciousness, and hence he will have to count it up to a limit of 40 million crowns.

I suppose that Milos Zeman will publish some information on Monday

Another possibility is that the Friends of Miloš Zeman will register as a third person and could give 800 thousand crowns to Zeman’s campaign. However, the association has not yet registered.

If it does not, it will be a violation of the law, and Zeman might be fined. “I would not like to have a verdict. I assume that Milos Zeman will publish some information on Monday. His spokesman said the law would be respected, “Outlly said. “If no one spoke, then we would have to deal with it,” he added.