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Andrea Marková

January 24, 2018 Politics

President Zeman's Lies and Broken Promises

President Zeman's Lies and Broken Promises - Czech Points

How did Milos Zeman perform the promises he made in the debates and debates during the election campaign five years ago when he was elected head of state? The project focused on the control of selected promises . Result? In total statistics, promises prevailing over those who violated prevail. Overall, the project analyzed 41 Zeman’s pre-election promises.

All promises of presidential candidate Zeman were selected within the framework of nationwide TV (TV, TV Nova, TV Prima) and radio (CRo) debates, the debate of MF DNES / and Zeman’s interviews for printed newspapers and online servers. It is not an exhaustive list of pre-election appearances, but through these channels, Milos Zeman addressed the widest part of the Czech public during the pre-election campaign from 2012 to 2013.

President’s vows are ranked in four categories: fulfilled, broken, incomplete and unrealized. They are also divided into three thematic categories, such as staffing promises, concerning constitutional competencies and various.

The project to control pre-election promises of the Czech president has a foreign inspiration based on similar projects in the USA (Politifact), Australia (ABC News) or for example in Egypt (Morsi Meter).

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