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September 15, 2020 Politics

Prague sets new daily record for COVID-19 cases

Prague sets new daily record for COVID-19 cases - Czech Points

Today, there are 968 more confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Czech Republic, which is roughly the same as for the whole of Monday. The statistics also added 11 victims, a total of 476. Of these, six deaths fall today. There are now 15,582 infected in the country, most with a mild course of the disease. But the number of hospitalized is also growing. There are 333 patients with COVID-19 in hospitals, 78 of them in severe condition. This follows from current data from the Ministry of Health.

Since March 1, when the first cases of coronavirus infection appeared in the Czech Republic, 38,187 cases have been recorded. Last week alone, more than 8,000 more were infected, which is similar to the whole of August. This is also due to the higher number of tests. In August, the number of tests per day only exceeded 10,000. The laboratories performed more than 15,000 tests every day from Tuesday to Thursday, a record 19,000 on Friday. There were also more than 15,500 tests on Monday.

More than 22,500 of those infected were cured of the disease. Last week, 26 people died with the COVID, which is about half as much as in the previous week. On Monday, the ministry registers five victims, today six. The ministry’s statistics include the deaths of all people who tested positive for coronavirus, regardless of the cause of death.

There has been a significant increase in the number of people who have ended up in a hospital with coronavirus in recent weeks. At the beginning of September, 172 people were hospitalized, 40 of them in severe condition. However, the proportion of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 is very low. In recent days, it has been hovering around 2.3 percent, which is at least since mid-March.

According to Monday’s statement by the Minister of Health Adam Vojtěch, hospitals can handle many times more patients with COVID-19 than now, even in severe cases. According to him, more than a quarter of beds in the anesthesiology and resuscitation wards and intensive care units and 58 percent of lung ventilation are free. The prime minister said that the capacity of beds for COVID patients is 4,800, of which a thousand beds for severe conditions.

According to the government’s commissioner for science and research in health care, Roman Prymula, a significant decrease in cases cannot be expected in the coming weeks. The data of the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic (IHIS) sound the same. According to them, one infected with COVID-19 now infects about 1.59 other people during his illness. The number of infected people in the population decreases only if the so-called reproductive number is less than one. According to the IHIS, we can now talk about the risk of widespread disease’s exponential spread.

Today, Prime Minister Andrej Babiš tried to reassure the public. “I would like to ask everyone to stop being scared (by coronavirus) finally,” he said. According to him, the number of infected is increasing due to the growing number of tests. The Czechia became the victim of its success from the first wave of the spread of COVID-19 because it became one of the countries that soon opened, the prime minister also said.

Prague has the most significant increase in the number of people infected in the last seven days per 100,000 inhabitants, in 154 cases. This is followed by the districts of Plzeň-jih with 148 cases, Beroun with 143 cases, and Uherské Hradiště with 137 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

A record of 372 confirmed cases of COVID increased in Prague.

A record 372 new confirmed cases of coronavirus were added to Prague on Tuesday. Eighty-four patients thus exceeded Monday’s maximum. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 7,731 people have been infected in the capital. This follows from the data of the Prague hygienic station as of today at 18:00.

Today, as well as on the weekend, hygienists did not provide any other current data concerning, for example, the number of cured and deceased. As of Monday, the number of cures had reached nearly 4,900, and 115 people with COVID-19 had died in the metropolis.

According to the Ministry of Health, there are almost 154 infected people per 100,000 inhabitants in the capital over the past seven days. Prague is the worst in the Czech Republic. In most of the currently infected, COVID-19 has a mild course, and some are entirely asymptomatic.

Due to the deteriorating situation in the metropolis, the Netherlands has today included Prague among the risk regions.

People who have stayed in the Czech capital go to the ten-day quarantine upon arrival in the Netherlands. Quarantine is necessary, with a few exceptions, even if those arriving from Prague have no disease symptoms or if they have had a negative test for COVID-19. Already last week,

Germany took similar measures. People, there must have a negative test from Wednesday after arriving from Prague. Due to the continuing rapid increase in the number of coronavirus cases in the Czech Republic, Germany risks adding other regions of the Czech Republic to the list of risk areas on Wednesday.