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December 13, 2017 Politics

Police Pursue Babis and Pavel Ruzicka (ANO) - Request Immunity be Revoked

Police Pursue Babis and Pavel Ruzicka (ANO) - Request Immunity be Revoked - Czech Points

“I can not answer, I do not know. We shared our roles with Mr. Faltýnek. The Chamber of Deputies and the Chamber of Deputies direct it. I can not comment on this, “Babiš replied, asking how the YO movement would put an end to the waiver of immunity.

“The request came on Wednesday, will be handed over to the mandate and immune committee,” Vondráček said , not knowing it.

As announced at the end of November, Růžička is indicted as one of ten representatives of the town of Postoloprty in Louny for the offense of breaching obligations in the administration of foreign property due to the allegedly disadvantageous sale of the house to a private individual.

The request for extradition has probably been drawn up by the District Court in Chomutov, who can not continue the trial due to the deputy’s immunity .

Although Růžička originally spoke about leaving the House , it changed its mind.

“I will leave the decision on my release on the Immunity Committee and the House, I have no problem, but I say openly that it is my trick. In the whole case, there is so much misconception that I consider it a police bully of communal politicians. The misstatement has been recognized by the Ministry of Justice as well, “he said.

“It is because the police have made an expert opinion according to the price of the decree, while our opinion was customary at the price. In short, we sold a house that no one was interested in, “Ruzicka added.

The deputy states that he wants his case to be debated in the Chamber of Deputies in the interest of all the representatives in the republic. In order to clearly accept the responsibility of the prosecutors and the police to “not be able to do what they want, and could not arbitrarily prosecute on the basis of their ignorance of the law on municipalities decent people.”

How quickly the mandate and immunity committee will be able to decide on Růžička’s case is not yet clear. The members of the committee have the cause of Andrej Babišand  Jaroslav Faltýn on the table , which should be solved after the New Year.