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July 23, 2019 Opinion

Pehe: Zeman will pardon Babis

Pehe: Zeman will pardon Babis - Czech Points

President Zeman is winning. According to political scientist Jiri Pehe, director of the New York University in Prague, the President is stepping on the constitution. Prime Minister Babis is weak, and he needs Zeman’s help to stay in power due to his prosecution. Babis’ problems continue to grow. People will take to the streets again, the demonstration at Letná was just the beginning.

According to Pehe If Babis goes to trial, the President will pardon him or halt the prosecution. The political scientist is convinced Zeman will do that, and will do his best to control Babis. Paradoxically, therefore, it would be the worst for the President if the prosecutor stopped the prosecution.

The CSSD may be looking for a suitable moment to leave the government, Pehe said. They run the risk that no one will take them seriously. They are looking for a reason to go: the Culture Minister, violations of the constitution don’t matter to their voters. They could take advantage of the fall budget debate.

Babiš could be manipulated by Zeman into forming a government with the SPD and KSČM. He no longer wants early elections. Pehe does not believe that the opposition parties will build a strong coalition.

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